Traditional and Chic in an Anarkali

By Mario J. Quinn

Anarkalis have become a fashion statement in India with many B-town favorites adorning this glamorous outfit. This being the festive season, it is the best time for you to get your hands on the latest ethnic fashion trends. While you might require a certain amount of skill to carry yourself in a saree, an anarkali is a more comfortable option among party wear. The flowing outfit is ideal for celebrations, especially when paired up with the right jewelry that matches the colour and style of the outfit.

When purchasing an anarkali, it is best to go with bright and bold colors such as yellow, red, blue or green. With the rising demand for this traditional outfit, designers are experimenting with the length, the embroidery and the shape of an anarkali. There are many modern cuts and designs available in the market which is ideal for the contemporary Indian woman. However, it is important to know how to choose the right anarkali for your body type.

Tall and slim women have absolutely nothing to worry about as anarkali’s are made especially for their body type. Tall women can go ahead and experiment with contrasting colors and can also try styles such as empire line or even a waist line. If you are petite in structure, you need to be extra cautious while choosing an anarkali. Pick an outfit that is not too flared out at the bottom or it might end up overshadowing you. Also go for a shorter kurta which ends near your knees. If you are on the plump side, go easy on the flare and pick a single color anarkali. A trick is to wear anarkalis that have kalis starting from the top instead of the waist to give an illusion of height.

 If you need to attend a wedding celebration, this yellow and red faux georgette anarkali is perfect. It has bold resham embroidery work which adds richness to the design along with shimmering lace work. This premium looking dress can be worn for weddings and all grand occasions.

Are you in the party mood? Try this asymmetrical design that is trendy and attention grabbing with golden lace highlighting the edges. This sky blue net anarkali is great for dancing the night away. It has rich golden embroidery which is sure to get heads turning.

Long length anarkali suits are trend of the season. They have a sense of sophistication which is why they are a pretty common sight on the runway and the red carpet. This pink faux georgette anarkali is a glorious sight. The golden lace work gives it a royal look and the elegant embroidery adds a special touch.…