How to make artistic goals and bringing them into being must be given top priority status, if you are to be successful in your business or your life.

As a watercolor, landscape artist, I’m also a busy wife, mother, grandmother and family are very important to me. It seems there is always something else that I could be doing.

As much as I love being all of the above, I love to work with my watercolors, teach watercolor painting, participate in art festivals, galleries and work on the internet. To be able to do all that I want to do, I must set goals and priorities.

How to make artistic goals and accomplishing them can be defined in these 3 keys.

Form a clear picture in your mind of your artistic goals. Then work backward to how you will achieve them. For instance if you want to have a stress free time while preparing for an art show, start at the last thing to do and go to the first, when this is finished you have a clear picture of your goal and how it will be accomplished.

Find websites, books or magazines that will tell you how to make your goals and how to know when you’ve accomplished them.
It’s good to read others ideas and learn how they use them. The mp 3 above “The Art of Goal Setting,” will also tell you how to make the most of your artistic goal setting and how to accomplish these goals.

How to make goals that are specific.

Work from a place of inspiration, know what drives you and the why of goals you want to achieve. “If you don’t know what it is you want – and I mean specifically – then you won’t even know when you have it.” (Dr. Phil McGraw)

The reason for any artistic business to exist is to create, bring in support for our work, and get our name out to others. How to make this happen is the question. Tara Reed, artist, states “Most people continue to do activites that make them feel good and find reasons to stop doing activities that make them feel bad. So, we want to keep goals, goal setting and working toward goals, feeling good.”

Does creating make you happy? Does learning how to make something new excite you? Then these are the beginnings of artistic goals and when you’re excited and happy about what you are doing, you will find a way to make these dreams and goals your top priority.