Why Do You Need to Live Your Artistic Passion Daily?

By Mario J. Quinn

As the picture to the left suggests, one hand reaches out, then another until more people become involved as that hand touches another hand.
In other words, when you reach out and express your artistic passion it inspires others to see you as a leader, innovative and creative.

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” Mitch Albom

Do you know someone that has an incredible artistic passion for their work? It seems that no matter what their passion is, they are always successful.

I, personally know of someone who gives tirelessly of her artistic passion by promoting other’s work. She is available to nurture other artists, totally devoted to helping every artist she comes into contact with. This artist is a wonderful example of someone that lives her artistic passion daily.

In her paintings this artist also shows her artistic passion in the subjects she choses to paint and in the style she paints. She is well known for her passion for helping others, her fairness and her involvement.

By believing that she can make a difference in people, her goals are set each day to accomplish her artistic passion.

Why do you need to live your artistic passion daily?

You are living your life right now! Follow the path that passion leads you down!

Do you know your path of passion at this time? As we get older, I think that our paths of passion change, I know mine does. Not the artistic passion but the art related things I want to participate in.

Teaching watercolor classes and workshops has led to a discovery of how much I love to teach. My heart is filled with gratitude when someone tells me they are so appreciative of the guilt free, low stress workshops in a safe and wholesome environment.

 Search for and find your own route to take. Get to know yourself and define your theme.

Living with artistic passion, also means demonstrating your purpose.
Do you really think that other’s dreams are better or more effective than yours? This question can be answered by knowing that you can come full circle and as you truly are into the place of living your inspired, artistic passion daily.

Through becoming more devoted to yourself, loving others and being focused on creating your artist passion for things that are meaningful, you learn to practice and use our passion to encourage and enlighten others.…